I run a digital agency, but I don’t particularly like it as a business model. I don’t take joy in our writing code, analyzing analytics, or any of the many tasks that we perform.

I don’t dislike it either though. There are downsides to agencies, but also some wonderful qualities too.

For me, it’s just a medium for practicing the deeper skills of business.

It’s the dojo where I train.

There are inherent challenges in every business model. It’s easy to think that the obstacles you face are uniquely difficult. Doing so, you give yourself an excuse for not overcoming them.

Agencies have their own version of hard problems, but these problems are also the portals to greater skill. To a more capable version of the agency operator.

The same opportunity exists in every business, including yours.

“A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt

Featured image is the “Sword Saint” of Japan, Miyamoto Musashi, dueling on the shores of Ganryū Island. By Yoshifusa Utagawa (840-1860) used under public domain