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Get Paid Earlier to Grow Quicker

Imagine that you’re a government contractor supplying widgets for the department of transportation. It’s a good setup, but one of the downsides is that Uncle Sam dictates when you get paid- which happens to be 60 days after you’ve delivered and invoiced 100% of an order. Manufacturing widgets takes four months. That means it takes at least six months to see a return. Your costs are immediate, but your income is delayed.

In this fantasy scenario, what happens when two more proposals suddenly get accepted in other states?

Now your immediate costs have tripled and sales have overrun your ability to deliver. You have to cancel the additional proposals.

A larger operation would have the capacity to handle the additional sales. Ironically, you could become that version and address the extra orders if you had your profits today and not six months from now.

If you’re trying to grow your business, you need resources in the form of cash to fund expansion. Most of us think acquiring more customers or taking on a loan are the only routes to get this. However, there are many alternatives and one tactic to create cash is to change payment terms so that you get paid in advance.

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Hidden Revenue Opportunities

I spoke with an agency owner a couple of months ago who revealed that he had recently acquired a small web development business. As a part of integrating that business, he had grown his team by two developers. It was stressful because it meant that he had to figure out how to raise revenue. He said, “I have to find $70,000 before the end of the year.”

He had expanded capacity, but he didn’t have the pipeline to support it. To address this, he was doing what a lot of businesses do, beating the brush and looking for more customers.

For most contexts, marketing is a long term game with lots of challenges for any channel you develop. It’s an investment over time.

I asked him, “Are you taking full advantage of your past customers? When was the last time you had a meeting about their goals?”

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