I’m over a year into daily writing on small business growth and I’m considering changing things up.

Not writing less, just writing differently.

There are three paths that I’m considering:

  • Switching partially to a paid email list model with something like Substack.
  • Switching partially to working on a book.
  • Switching partially to community posts on forums.

The reason I’m considering these three is to increase my options a few years from now.

Substack would provide an additional revenue stream and to quote Idiocracy, “I like money.” More than that though, it would connect me to a network of readers. And some number of highly invested readers who pay in both money and attention.

I like the idea of working on a book because it enforces a certain focus and discipline in answering questions. You can’t skip steps when you’re presenting solutions. When I write my daily email, it’s straight inspiration. That means that I hop around a lot and skip over the bits I find less interesting. Books also lend authority on a specific topic, which would also be helpful in a couple of years.

Finally, forum posts. I currently draw most emails from my experiences. If I’m working on a strategic plan, I write about strategic plans. This is great for me, but it doesn’t connect me to the growth challenges that other entrepreneurs face. The consequence is that my writing is less valuable to you, the reader, than it could be. Additionally, forum posts offer that “other people’s networks” benefit of Substack.

Substack and the book are graduate style work. They require a deeper investment from my thinking.

The forum posts are probably something I should do in addition to Substack and writing a book.

Arguably, I could use a medium like this blog or Substack to write a book where emails/blogs were book topics.

But no decisions today! If you have a suggestion, recommendation, or other feedback- give me a holler. I’d appreciate your ideas or opinions.