Last Friday, I evaluated our last six week cycle and looked at pay-per-click objectives for click through rates and leads. They were significantly improved over our initial campaigns (~50-100%). This was even though we had a brand new ad, landing page, and service proposition that hadn’t been optimized.

It was both measurable growth and validation of the thinking I’ve done on innovation.

It felt good.

Growth requires investment over time in an uncertain environment. The emotional experience of that is difficult. You’re in the mud, slinging it out, day after day. Your attention is splintered between responding to threats and trying to find a path to that next level.

Beyond the utility of learning, it’s important to track progress as a bulwark against your emotional experience of uncertainty.

Most entrepreneurs don’t put much stock in emotions. But what I noticed on Friday, when I felt good, was that I was re-energized to work on the next set of obstacles.

It takes emotional energy to grow. It’s important that both you and your team can see that you’re making an impact. Exposing progress reinforces motivation and greases the track for momentum.

Feature image is of Sisyphus by Titian (1548). Sisyphus was punished by Hades for cheating death. He was required to spend eternity carrying a boulder to the top of a hill every day where it would roll to the bottom. Used under public domain.