One of the challenges of being an entrepreneur is that you operate in an uncertain environment. Chance factors significantly into how things turn out. You may be rewarded or penalized, regardless of what you do.

This can lead to a sort of fatalism, where you mentally unlink cause from effect. People who win are “lucky” and those who don’t just got a bad roll of the dice.

Even though markets are unpredictable, it doesn’t mean that your choices don’t matter. They actually matter more, because you have to navigate probability.

A healthier response to the mercurial nature of the environment is to focus instead on your game:

  • How can you maximize the things you can control?
  • How can you elevate your business’s capabilities?
  • How can you make choices that bend fortune to your will?

Featured image is The Card Players, an 1895 painting by Paul Cézanne depicting a card game, in Courtauld Institute of Art (London). Used under public domain.