A year ago, I was hanging out in a tiny fishing village on the Pacific coast of Baja and spending a lot of time thinking about how to grow.

I noticed that as an individual, writing was a powerful tool that employed some of my unique strengths. I decided to be more intentional with my writing and practice it on a regular basis. Those realizations led to this blog.

Today, I’m setting aside business writing to focus on a short story that I’ve been working on. The creative side of my writing doesn’t advance my understanding or perspective, but it does bring me joy.

This year, a big personal goal is to attend a writing workshop with my Mum- also a writer with lots of published work. One of the deadlines for a workshop is next Friday and I’m halfway through my short story submission and still need to edit it. So today, business writing steps aside.

Awareness. Practice. Connection. Deadlines and selection.

No featured image today. Essentialism.