I’ve discovered something odd. If you have a meeting with four or more peers, you have to implement some form of discussion regulation. People need to raise their hands on Zoom or a talking stick needs to be passed around. If you don’t, a few people will take over the conversation and drive it off topic.

This tiny insight was gleaned from chairing my local Rotary membership committee the past nine months. Every two weeks we’ve met to discuss a membership related challenge. After having many of these meetings hijacked and trying a variety of solutions to keep them on track, I eventually landed on the hand raising method.

Leading a meeting is pretty simple. However, it’s interesting that there are deeper levels of sophistication in this simple task.

I’ve noticed the same hidden sophistication in many of the tactics that I employ in business. For example, I’ve used thought leadership and referral marketing this past year as our strategy to develop new business. Several times I’ve paused and intentionally iterated on improving these two marketing tactics. Each time I’ve done so, I’ve unearthed a deeper level of sophistication.

Focusing on just one area to improve and iterating on it, again and again, has a certain magic to it.

But the big question is what is deserving of that focus? And are you staying with that focus long enough to unlock its secrets?