I’ve got a busy day ahead of me. It’s one of many. My summer has been like one of those old photos where college students try to cram as many people into a phone booth as they can.

This might be your life or you may pass through the occasional season of busyness like me.

The problem is that busyness will dull your blade.

Here are three things that I’ve found to work wonders at staying sharp:

1) Take unstructured time. If I have just one day with nothing planned, it will revitalize me for all the professional and private events. Even the Judeo Christian omnipotent God had to take a day off after six days of work creating the universe.

2) Spend time outside. Walks are great. Swimming is fantastic.

3) Connect. Connect with others. Connect with art, nature, or beauty.

Alright, back to cramming students into that phone booth!

Featured image is Wenceslas Hollar – Chaos (State 1), a 17th Century etching of Genesis. Used under public domain.