What is the limit of your current capacity or capability?

It’s a challenging question. If I asked you, “What are the obstacles limiting your business’s growth?” You would know immediately.

But where the line is that demarks what is possible for the business today is harder to identify. Standing on that line, you can’t help but think about the frontier beyond it.

“What would it take to…”

  • Increase customers beyond x
  • Grow profit higher than y
  • Boost throughput above z

In the shadows beyond that limit is a future version of your business.

The question is valuable because it provides hints on how you might grow. It prompts you to try and fill in the blank about what might increase customers beyond x.

Today, the limit is the highest you can reach. Tomorrow, it will be the ground that you stood upon.

Featured image is of dragons beyond the edge of the world on the Psalter world map, a 14th century metaphorical map of Christianity. Used under public domain.