One of my weaknesses as an entrepreneur is that I’m not very hip. When I was a freelancer, the smartphone revolution happened, but I didn’t invest in developing that skillset because I don’t like the way people behave with their phones. Social media grew into a huge market too, but similarly, I don’t like the way social media trains people to think.

I’m a minority, a Luddite in a stadium of people scrolling through Instagram.

Most people, most customers, are obsessed with the latest trend. And that’s where the heart of entrepreneurship is: in the new.

My attention is towards what’s not new and never was knew- the underlying principles and forces beneath the cycling trends. I think in terms of the Bible verse, “There is nothing new under the sun.”

It’s a real weakness for this line of work. But it’s also an opportunity, because you need both the energy of change and the understanding of what matters to capitalize on it.

Connecting the past to the future. The fundamentals to the nuances of a specific expression.