I designed an early year mini-workshop for my Toastmasters Club on achieving goals that we’re providing this Saturday (Your Breakout Year.)

In thinking about possible avenues to promote it, the best tactic would be if we had a large local network on Facebook.

We don’t have that and it would probably take a couple years of low-level sustained effort to build that network.

If someone had started that effort in 2021, the only promotion we would need to do for the workshop would be a post on social media. The cost to replicate the impact of something like that today is high. I.e. it would take a tremendous amount of work to have the same impact.

There are many situations like this in business.

If you anticipate what’s coming, the cost is relatively low today for a large impact tomorrow.

Speaking is an example of this for me. I used to speak at conferences as part of our marketing and stopped when Covid hit. But I kept attending my Toastmasters meetings on the likelihood that I would use it as a tool in the future. This month, I’ve re-opened our speaking calendar and am putting conference speaking in motion again. Whatever challenges I face in doing this, they won’t be presenting, because my competency as a speaker is at an all time high.

You take on some risk when you do this, because no one knows what tomorrow brings.

But the future is a far easier place to work than today.

Featured image is an illustration of Two Complete Science-Adventure Books where The Time Machine, by HG Wells, was reprinted (1951). Used under public domain.