Today, the apprentice we hired passed his interview to become an American citizen. We didn’t have anything to do with it, but I’m still proud to be associated with him and supporting his development. He works during the day for us and then in the evenings he supports his father in his janitorial business. I’m looking forward to the day when he steps into his first entry level role and is able to capture some of the investment we’ve both been making in his growth.

Businesses have an imperative to generate a profit. Profit is required for self-sufficiency.

Beyond that though, your business is your kingdom. You make the rules. You can use it to pursue freedom, expression, growth- whatever you want.

The reason I started the apprenticeship program was to invest in my own sense of meaning by supporting the growth of someone promising who could use a helping hand. I care about people and I recognize that not all of us are equally fortunate. The apprenticeship is one small action to use my business as a platform to help.

Right now, we’re approaching the halfway point in his program and are behind the curve on profiting from this investment. We haven’t been able to utilize him as much as I had planned. In April, when the apprenticeship comes to an end, I’m not sure where we’ll be financially on this initiative. It may end in a loss, we’ll see, but it’s already delivered a great deal of satisfaction to me. I’m curious how that will change over time with the advancement of our apprentice.

Beyond turning a buck, how could your business be a better platform for what matters most to you?

Featured image is Solomon on this throne. Used under public domain.